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Erotica or pornography?

What is pornography?

        Anthological way pornography is similar all around the world - this image - photos, videos, or action in which naturalistic roughly depicting the sexual act with a direct focus on the physiological aspect of sexual relations and the mechanics of sex.

Any content or materials shall be considered as pornography, if they are naturalistically reflect the following series of actions:
- Sexual abuse (ie sexual acts that qualify as violent rape, sadism);
- Group sex;
- Sado-masochism;
- Masochism;
- Sexual intercourse of man with individuals of other species (bestiality)
- Sexual acts with the corpses (necrophilia)
- Sexual activity and manipulation of feces (coprophagia).
- Sexual acts with minors;

What Is Erotic?

Sensuality, according to Ilya Shevelyova - aesthetics sex.

          Erotica (Nu-Art) - a whole arsenal of tools for sexual transmission of emotions, artistic means. Art erotic - just accents, underscores the aesthetic uniqueness of the human body, does not cause a problem pursuing sexual desire and sexual arousal.

Erotic materials indirectly reflect the sexual attitudes and actions in an art form, and are designed to work on the emotional sphere of a person, causing his aesthetic feelings and experiences.

In contrast to pornography, which reduces human sexuality to the sexual act itself and the rotation of its techniques, erotic focuses on the artistic image of the typological image of the imaged object.


           It is unlikely that, at the moment, attempts to the legislature clearly regulate the sexual sphere of human life, it can be called successful.

No need to be a rocket scientist to understand the algorithm of the proposed law.

 The article establishes the responsibility for violation of the rules of the regulated. However, the definition of formulating these rules is not, in fact in the face of direct references to other articles of the same law. In this situation, the courts almost impossible to determine exactly what is against the law.

Simply put, it comes down to a value judgment, which will always be purely individual character.

The failure of the legislature in this regard has forced all those who "deals" with pornographic content from government officials, lawyers, business people, including scientists studying pornography, to resort to a kind of "multi-stage" classification of works of sexual themes.

Now distinguish between erotica - erotica, soft porn - soft porn, hardcore porn - hardcore pornography. For example, in most Western countries, banned "hardcore pornography" and "soft porn" and "erotic" admitted, moreover, considered to be socially acceptable and publicly demonstrated in advertising.

In Russia, where in fact, dominated by Puritanism and patriarchal way, it seems even more untenable attempt to legislation and administration to identify pornography by means of concepts, which are incorporated into the traditional concept: obscenity, cynicism and corruption. Each it is clear that in a multinational state is impossible.

The scientific classification of the differential

To draw a distinction between the concepts of pornography and erotica can be exclusively based on the scientific study of objects of pornographic content. Staff at the center of forensic developed a technique of content differentiation, using the criteria personalization and design (content).

Differences between erotica from pornography on a plan (content):
a) erotic material assumes the existence and development of the storyline, revealing the depth and complexity of feelings when sex scenes - an organic continuation of the emotional experiences of heroes;

- Pornographic intent dimensional and serves only as a guide broadcast a single idea - showing sexual intercourse;

b) erotic art has value, it is exploring the world of human sensuality and opens up new dimensions of perception;

- Pornography is strictly functional and is surrogate sexual arousal;

c) provides erotic "stalking" of existence, examines not yet understood or accepted the consciousness of the mass region, partly violating the established rules of decency;

- Pornography manipulates standard clichés and speculates on the lack of attention to novelty, from this priority demonstration bizarre forms of sexual behavior;

g) erotic - it's self-realization and self-expression of the creator, the artist;

- Pornography is an industry-commerce, manufacturing, which is aimed at obtaining profits;
d) erotic, as the perception of a person is always individual;
- Pornography deals with the scheme, its subject is not a person, and the mechanics of sex;

Differences between erotica from pornography to translate (methods and tools):

1) means and methods of realization of erotica expand consciousness. Methods and means of pornography demonstrate physiological act;
2) detail in erotic works - it is a tool to reflect the development of human relations, and the dynamics of their transformation into an intimate personal relationship, demonstrating the human senses and beauty of his body. Characters are endowed with a certain character, their actions are associated with emotional and psychological experience. Demonstration of sexual relations fragmentary respectively artistic design;
- In pornographic texts dominated the naturalistic form to describe the physiology of intercourse, there is a rotation of the detailed description of scenes of sexual acts and various forms of sexual deviations;

The criteria for differentiating the concept of eroticism and pornography, are ambiguous and subjective.

Today, video studios, newspapers and magazines in order to profit and improve circulation using all possible options to enable them to balance on the verge of separating pornography from erotica. In these cases, there is the content category "cool erotica", which are no different from pornography.


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