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December 2016

3 Boys

 3 Boys

I went in to the living room and sat on a sofa to wait for Owen to get
ready. He was out of the shower in no time and begun to get dressed. To my
great pleasure the first thing he said to me was "Christ I need a wank, I
hope Jack takes his time! I would've done it in the shower only last time I
did thatI fainted with the heat and my mum almost found me in a heap with a
load of cum on my belly" My heart raced. Niether of us had wanked with Jack
and we weren't sure if he did it so we wanted to get it out of the way. We
ran to his room, switched on his computer and began calling up all the porn
pictures he had collected so far. He had his eyes fixed on the spread out
naked women on the screen, I had mine on his hand going up and down his
dick like the there was no tommorow. I came in minutes and in trying to
keep up my hetero image I whisked off my cum covered boxers and threw them
to the floor. I quickly changed and went to get something to drink. Just as
I was about to return the outside door opned and I heard Jacks familiar
sounds as he entered. I dived back in the room, threwmy soiled boxers under
his bed and sat down with my cola. Owens had quickly resumed a casual
position and it would have taken a trained eye to see the slight bulge
running down his leg( luckily for me I had a trained eye). Owen's face was
deadly white with shock, before I could ask him what was wrong the bedroom
door swang open and Jack entered with a load of bags. Jack was nowhere as
nearly atracctive as nordic looking Owen, nor did he appear quite so
developed. We all exchanged greetings and Jack sat down to comment on the
"Huge pair of tits" on the screen.

The night went well. We all played drinking games we had found on the net,
and we downloaded a ton of porn. As two o'clock neared Jack left for bed,
he was sleeping in the guest bedroom. Owen soon followed( but not after I
won the use of his porno magazine for the night). I flickered through the
foreign erotic channels in the living room trying to find something with
nice men on it. I found nothing but a film with one cute guy who never got
naked! I contented myself with this and reached for the magazine. If Owen
came back for the video or something then I would make it look like I was
Jerking off over the mag. I lay on the couch naked but for a pair of white
cotton socks. Every small fine hair on my body was standing tall as I lay
in the warmth of where he had just sat. I began to touch the tips of the
small bundle of pubic hair that I had, so that every muscle in my body
seemed to shiver with cold. That, combined with the thought of having my
dick where he had his arse a few moments earlier, made every touch a kind
of miniature orgasm. I was wild. I neared orgasm then stopped, torturing my
self to the limits. I heard Owen's steps in the hall coming towards the
door, he wanted the magazine, YES!!, he would see me come, he would open
the door to see me writhing in orgasmic ecstasy on his sofa. Wow what a
turn on! The door handle turned slowly - he must have been worried not to
wake me- The orgasm was upon me- the door swang open- I came with an
exctasy I had never experienced and I heard the silence as Owen took it all
in. I turned to show I was shocked at his bieng there, I didn't want him to
think thatI put on the show just for him. I caught a glimpse of his legs,
they seemed harier than I remembered. Shit! Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit!  It
Was Jack.

"Oops" was his way of initiating conversation. I smiled and answered" I
think I should be saying that". He shocked me by not turning to
leave. After a few seconds( although I was loving every moment) I felt he
would have been uncomfortable, but he walked right in, shut the door and
took a seat accross from me. He was a shy boy and I couldn't understand why
he didn't run like hell from the image of me lying naked on a sofa, my
little boy cock waving all red and over used in the air.  He looked at me
with a smile and said," don't worry I do it too! i's good fun! I've got a
book about it at home. I can teach you some things if you like?" I was
beyond joy at this suggestion but I showed nothing. " What the hell!" I
laughed and with this he whipped of his shorts and moved to the seat
closer. This was a dream come true! It would be the closest thing to sex I
had ever had!

He began telling me what to do."Pick that stuff up and coat your willy in
it" he commanded. I followed his order and thrilled to see him watch me
cover my own hard dick with my jellyish young cum. He told me that would
make it easier to do it again.  He then told me to taste a little! I was
stunned! I had thought of doing that before but hadn't the courage to go
through with it. I couldn't help myself now though. I touched my finger to
the stream that was hanging from my foreskin and connected to my stomach. I
pulled it away and tasted it. It was slightly salty but had almost no taste
at all. He asked me to describe it so I said exactly that. He then leaned
over, scooped up a blob on is fingers and licked it like ice-cream. I was
in shock.I lay back and watched as he came over to me, took my 6 inch hard
dick in his mouth and started moving up and down. What was he doing? It
looked odd but it felt wonderfull. I sat back and enjoyed it. I was
actually having sex with another man!!! I reached down with my hands and
touched his dick! I had never touched another man's before and it was a
momentous moment. I came in about 50 seconds. i lay back panting like mad
as he brought his head up to mine and kissed me. I felt a strange globby
stuff in with the saliva. I realised it was my cum and It turned me on like
never before. I took his little dick and jerked it off like I had done to
mine, slowly and teasingly. It took him 5 minutes to come and when he did
he let out a long quiet moan as I cought the cum shooting from his dick
like I was drinking from a fountain at school.

With that he got up,turned me round, stuck his toung on my ass hole lightly
so it relaxed, stuffed his finger up, tok it out again, kissed me on the
cheak. Put the shitty finger up his own ass and said goodnight.

I lay there, naked with my mouth full of cum for about an hour. I never
wanted that come to leave my mouth!

After that My friendship with Owen dwindled till extinction(mainly caused
by the time he was pissed off his face and jerked me off in the back of a
bus[ but thats another story!]). My friendship with Jack became strong and
we became best friends( give or take the occasional[more like frequent]
shag in his garage). Today we are both 25 and we still keep in touch(
literaly at times!). He now has a wife and kids, but that never stops him
from coming round to my house for a good long shag!

Fantasy Boy

Fantasy Boy  

It had been a long summer, longer than it should have been.  I had dreamt of
going back to work at summer camp ever since the last summer I worked, six
years prior.  There were many reasons I wanted to go back, the least not
being my love for the young male body.  I never acted on my fascinations,
only imagined and fantasized.  It was the last night of camp and the staff
that still got along had just finished doing some drinking and skinny
dipping (neither approved camp activities).  We were all passing out and
three of us shared a big piece of foam on the floor and some blankets.  Dan
lay next to me in only a pair of damp cotton briefs.  Dan was my fantasy boy
for the summer.

Two months earlier I sat at the table and observed the staff arriving.  This
was my first time back in camp since I joined the service.  I had not spent
much time around boys since then and was eagerly waiting for everyone to
arrive.  By two, all but a few of the mostly male staff arrived, and I was
mildly disappointed.  There was not a boy there that I found attractive.
Although I was a little let down by the turn out for the staff, I was not
too upset: I still had 8 weeks of 120 boys each week.  But it is always nice
to have a few fantasy boys around all summer.

The next morning we set out in small work parties to get camp ready.  At
lunch time we went back to the dinning hall.  Before the meal started we
were told the rest of the staff had arrived and were going to introduce
themselves.  The first one was a director like me, then the second new
member stood up.  My heart skipped a beat or two, the boy I was looking for
yesterday had just introduced himself to us as "Dan".  He looked about 13 or
14, but I knew he had to be at least 15 and a half to be a paid staff
member.  A late bloomer, more the reason for my rising penis.  Although it
was only late-June his skin was deeply tan, his blond hair well bleached.
His black soccer shorts stopped at mid calf, revealing excellent tone and
the most tender thighs I could imagine.  Light downy fuzz, golden in color
glistened in the sunlight.  He may have been all of 5'5", but his height and
weight were in excellent proportion.  His arms were equally toned and I
could see just a slight bit of baby fat around his stomach.  I was so
excited and happy, I could not wait until later that day when I would
administer the swim tests and get to see him in only a swim suit.

The summer progressed and I often would masturbate while imagining Dan in
his bathing suit, or Dan playing soccer, or Dan stroking his boy dick.  When
he came to the lake for a swim, I would start a pushing match just to touch
his silky skin.  I loved to get him breathing hard so I could watch his
stomach rise and fall.  I would study the area just below is inward belly
button and the waist band of his shorts.  A little gap would form there when
he inhaled, allowing my imagination a little time off.  I would watch him
bend over to put his shoes on and let my mind envision his naked cheeks
directed at me.  This kind of "him teasing and me imagining" continued all
summer, but I never got to see him in anything less than a swim suit.

The last day of camp came, all the campers went home, and I was planning to
depart the next morning.  I would be leaving three or four days earlier than
the rest of the staff.  Normally I would not be upset at leaving early, but
after what happened that night, I never wanted the summer to end.  After
playing drinking games for several hours and doing some naked and semi-naked
swimming at the lake, the 6 of us in the room settled down for the night.
Dan, another guy, and myself were sharing a piece of foam and some blankets.
I was wearing dry boxers, I swam naked earlier, but Dan was still wearing
the shorts he had worn in the lake.  He had taken off his shirt, exposing a
forming chest.  I watched his muscles flex under his tan skin.  His tiny
nipples poked a bit from their pepperoni size foundations.  His naked arm
pits were free of hair and let out the sweetest smell of boy sweat.  My
heart raced as I anticipated beating off with him sleeping next to me that
night.  I could feel the wetness from his shorts seeping into the bed.  I
reached over in true innocence to see how wet they were.  Dan asked in a
weary tone if they were too wet and should take them off.  I would have been
a fool to say anything but yes, so he removed the wet garments and lay in
his damp cotton briefs.  I almost wanted to suggest that he remove them too,
but it would have been too daring for me.  We all snuggled in and drifted
off to sleep.

As Dan and I got comfortable I left about 6 inches between us, sort of a
comfort zone so not to make him nervous.  After about an hour and I was sure
he was asleep, I rolled onto my side facing him, narrowing the space to
about an inch.  At this point I could feel the warmth of the young boy
seeping into my body.  My dick, which was already hard, started to pulse
more in my boxers.  I watched his chest rise and fall and let his gentle
breath lull me into a lustful trance.  I let a hand come between me and him,
touching ever so gently his velvet skin, just above his waist line.  Dan's
breathing jumped a bit, but he did not move from his back.  I just lay
there, feeling his presence all over my body, wanting to touch him more.  It
was hot in the room and he was only covered from about his belly button
down.  There was enough light in the room that I could see the outlines of
his ribs and tender tummy.  Dan stirred, I remained in my vigilant position.
His hand fell from his chest and came to rest between us, on top of my arm.
Gently I moved my hand up his arm, occasionally letting it touch my bare
chest.  His soft skin was tight, but oh so warm and fresh.  When I finished,
his arm was touching my chest and my hand lay on top of his.  His breathing
had quickened during this, but his eyes remained closed and he stayed on his

Dan's fingers began to twitch, opening and closing in random motions.  With
each new movement his soft fingers grazed my abdomen and waist band.  A few
times is was within micrometers of my aching dick head.  His hand finally
came to rest on mine, closing around my wrist.  His grip was tight but
steady, almost as if he was holding on to my hand for a reason.  Then,
almost as suddenly as he grasped my hand, he raised it gently on lay it on
his belly.  The skin there was so soft and warm, but I was in such shock
about this move that it took a few minutes to sink in.  As my arm rested on
his soft smooth stomach, rising and falling with each deep breath, Dan
lifted the covers up and covered his upper body.  My hand remained there
until he slid it down so that my fingers were touching the damp cotton
covering his abdomen.  I could hardly believe what I was experiencing: the
boy that I wanted to touch all summer was doing it for me!  I let my fingers
lie still for as long as I could, then I feigned a cough, allowing my hand
to move a little.  The cotton moved freely over the virgin skin below.  I
wanted to search for his boyhood, but did not want to scare him away.  My
fingers twitched again letting his under pants slide over the hairless skin
below.  Each time I moved my hand, Dan would breath a little deeper and I
could feel tension in his abdomen and shorts.  His stomach had tightened a
little since I started moving my hands.  Dan reached for my hand again and
slid it further down his pants until my fingers ran into his stiffy.  It was
pulling up in his underwear just enough to prevent my hand from riding over
it.  I pushed my fingers into is clothed head and felt it push back.  This
was incredible: Dan wanted me to touch him as much as I wanted to touch him.

I could not resist and coughed again, allowing my hand to jump his hard dick
and land completely on top of it.  The heat coming from him filled my hand
and made me shoot a load right then.  Dan pushed his penis into the palm of
my hand, and I would push back.  We got our rhythm and this continued for
several minutes, until his creamy stomach tensed under my arm and he thrust
his solid boy dick into my hand.  He spasmed there a few times as I felt a
new moistness in my hand.  By now my dick was rock solid again.  I knew that
I had Dan for whatever we wanted, so I began to stroke his penis from head
to base through his briefs.  His erection never ceased.  His dick felt so
hot through the material.  I let my hand drift from his throbbing shaft onto
his jewels.  A slight gasp erupted from his beautiful lips and his legs
spread to allow me to continue my exploration.  His hard damp dick was
pressed tight against my forearm, pulsing with each breath he took.  I
leaned over to his ear and whispered in it.  I told him if he wanted more to
come downstairs with me to the couch in the lounge.  It was 2 in the morning
and everyone else in camp was in bed.  I got up directly and went
downstairs.  I sat on the couch for about a minute, rubbing my penis, when
Dan came downstairs.

I first saw his bare feet, tan like the rest of him.  His feet were not ugly
in the least.  They were kind of wide and rounded on top.  The skin was
tight and the bones shown slightly when he put pressure on those luscious
feet.  He had put on his black soccer shorts.  I could tell from the way is
hard dick poked straight out that those shorts were all that stood between
me and his virgin boyhood.  He looked like a dream coming down those steps.
His chest was still bare and his nipples were erect.  When my eyes met with
his chocolate brown eyes I stopped rubbing my dick and fell into his trance.
His short blonde hair reflected the moon light streaming through the
windows.  I was in complete ecstasy.  Dan came over to the couch and sat
down.  I put a hand to his boyish face and felt the beach fuzz there.  It
felt just like his stomach.  "I know you have been watching me all summer,
it turns me on" he said to me.

I was speechless.  I just sat there in a trance.  Dan grabbed my hand again
and put it on his penis.  He pulsed it into my hand again.  I brought my
hand up to his waist band and hooked my fingers under it.  So warm and soft
this new are was.  I brought my other hand over while Dan lifted his bottom
to assist in his pants removal.  His pants came off quickly so that the boy
sat in front of me, naked from head to toe in the late August moon light.
My nose could smell his sweet musty boy cum from his previous load.  It was
so sweet and clean.  My eyes went right to his penis, the rest of him I
would see later.  His soldier stood straight up to a height of about four
and a half inches.  His abdomen was bald except for a thin blond line at the
base of his tool.  His nuts hung close in his scrotum, perhaps from the
sudden cool air on them.  After a few seconds his smooth sack started to
hang free and loose.

Dan started the hand grab thing again, but I placed my hand on his strong
calf while I slowly dropped to my knees in front of him.  Dan said nothing,
only smiled.  I began to caress his calves and feet, feeling the smooth skin
slide in my hands.  The boy had closed his eyes, lay his head back, and let
his mouth open a bit.  From my position on the floor I looked straight up
his bald nut sack and raging boner to his silky belly and on to a newly
forming Adam's apple.  I continued massaging his legs from ankles to knee
caps as I started to kiss and nibble his inner thighs.  Dan moaned, then
said he had never been touched by anyone else, but it sure felt good.  His
scrotum grazed my ear and warmed my cheeks.  His thighs were so smooth and
tasty.  I switched between the two of them for 20 minutes or so while Dan
lay back and moaned.  There was no hair anywhere in his private boy area.
My tongue darted about his thighs and I slowly worked my way up until my
nose lifted his balls.  Dan groaned and tensed, I licked under his scrotum
more, every so often shooting up to the silky place between his virgin sack
and tender thigh.  Dan moaned more, his body lifted and he released his
second load of the night.  His hot spunk oozed down his satin pole and
puddled on his bare mid section.  I grabbed my dick and with in minutes shot
another load.  The night was young, and so was Dan.

Fantasy Boy II

After his second orgasm in less than an hour, Dan's boy penis began to go
limp.  His pelvis jumped a little as I started to rub is sex juice into his
limp shaft and naked stomach.  His boyish bedroom voice broke the silence.
"That felt great.  I have never felt tongue in my private areas."

"Lay back and relax." I said, "You haven't felt anything yet."  With that
said, I moved my hands up his naked body to his boy breasts and started to
gently caress his nipples.  Dan turned his head towards my face, letting
his warm moist breath land on my ears.  I moved my mouth towards his ear
and started to gently nibble the sensitive area there.  He breathed a
little quicker as I felt the goose bumps form on this child's chest.  I
continued to roll his sensitive nipples in my fingers while I moved my
tongue from his ear to neck and back again.  The youth rolled towards me,
pressing his nubile naked body into mine.  I could feel the warmth and
dampness from his still limp and naked cock on my stomach.  His full lips
parted and locked onto mine.  We kissed deep and heavy, allowing our
tongues to probe each others mouths.  His young hands begin to rub my back
and boxer shorts.  His hands were so soft and strong.  I wrapped my arms
around his warm flesh, letting his body become one with me.  My hands slid
across his back to his exposed bottom.  His cheeks were firm and silky, he
tensed them with my touch.  We continued in this embrace, kissing and
caressing each other for what seemed a heavenly eternity.  My hand
continued probing his butt, sliding between his firm globes and darting
over his sphincter.  Dan lifted a luscious leg to straddle me and exposed
more of his ass to my curious fingers.  I could feel the bulge of his dick
growing on my stomach.  My finger teased the outside of his hole, darting
over but never entering.  His breath was warm on my neck and face, things
couldn't be better.  My ass probing finger slid along his virgin crevice
seeking his smooth nut sack.  The boy tensed in my arms as I started to
gently massage his genitals.

I rolled Dan off me so that he lay flat on his back on the couch, his boy
dick starting to regain a full hard on.  I slid my shorts off and lay on
top of him.  I could feel the smallness of his young dick next to mine,
pressed into my bush.  Dan pulled my ass tighter giving me the full
pleasure of his naked warmth from head to toe.  I sucked his tongue then
began an oral journey down his chest.  As I moved down his silky body I
would slide my own body over his hard youth.  He would tense.  I licked at
each breast, gently tugging the nipple with my teeth and lips.  I licked
the light downy fuzz in the middle of his stomach, the child giggled a bit.
I found a salty spot, perhaps one of his youth juice deposits.  It tasted
good.  My Joanne continued down to his cute inward belly button.  I sent my
tongue into the shallow orifice, riding his stomach with my face as he
tensed and laughed.  My hands moved down each side, gently bouncing over
his forming muscles and counting each rib.  My hands stopped right at the
hip bones, where my tongue had found another spot of his cum.  His youthful
tool was poking me straight in the throat in a warm and gentle way.  He
pulsed it.  The head was taught and so smooth.  Soon it would be in my
mouth.  I dug my fingers gently into his triangular region, feeling the
muscles contract under my touch.  It was time.

I sat up, giving me full view of his sexy face and chest.  I looked down at
his boy bone standing straight up.  My hands began to tremble as I touched
his small pubic area, just a thin line right at the base of his penis.
Dan's dick jumped.  I pinched the head gently and felt it push back with
intensity.  He groaned.  With my middle finger, pointer finger, and thumb I
slowly stroked his pencil hard dick from base to head and back again.  An
gasp of pleasure seeped from his lips.  My other hand found its way to the
tender region below his sack.  I lowered my face to within inches of his
throbbing boyhood.  This sweet musty smell of his youth was all around.  My
tongue darted to his piss slit, enjoying the salty taste of his cum, his
stomach tensed and legs spread open.  Dan was mine now, I let my tongue
glide over his swollen cock head, licking the boy into a moaning frenzy.
The vein on the back of his penis was swollen out, I flicked my tongue
across it, all the way down to his nut sack.  I licked around the base of
his penis, then tugged gently on Dan's blonde pubes.  I slid my tongue all
the way up his sweet erection and prepared to take him in my mouth.  Dan
gasped as my moist lips locked around his young helmet.  I sucked his penis
deep into my mouth, easily taking it in.  With my lips locked firmly at his
base, I sucked like I was siphoning gas.  Dan arched in response to this
new sensation on his virgin cock.  His legs jumped in pleasure.  I started
to move my lips up and down his tasty dick.  Dan placed his young hand on
my head and massaged my scalp.  He would pump his dick into my mouth,
trying to go deeper and deeper each time.  My hands found their way to his
stomach and groin and started to slowly massage and push them.  Dan's
breath became faster and he arched higher and higher.  Each time he arched
I would hold him there, until I was holding is firm ass 6 inches off the
couch.  He locked his legs tight around my mid-section with a seductive
force.  Dan moaned hard, I dug my fingers into his belly and he thrust his
swollen boy dick into my throat.  Hot juice filled my mouth with four or
five powerful spurts.  I swallowed every bit of his sweet sex.  Dan relaxed
and lay flat on the couch, breathing hard.  His now tired and very
satisfied dick become a limp piece of flesh in my mouth.  I licked it
clean, then licked all the salty sweat from his ball and anus.  Dan lay
there in his virginal splendor.

I looked at the clock, it was getting close to five.  I had to be on the
road by five thirty.  I stood up and Dan reached for my aching man hood.
His soft fingers closed around it.  He stroked it a few times then placed
his sumptuous lips around it.  Dan gave a fair first time blow job.  I came
in buckets in his mouth.  I bent down and kissed him, rubbed his dormant
penis and enjoyed the last look I would ever have of his beautiful boy

The Boy Prostitute

   The Boy Prostitute


As usual no animals were used nor hurt in the making of this story.  The
following is a FICTIONAL story. It involves a sexual relationship between a
man and a young boy.  If this sort of thing is not your cup of tea or
illegal in your area I suggest you delete it.

Zzathras has had a sad live, probably have a sad dead. At least there is

Chapter One:

I stood in the darkened door way waiting for my eyes to adjust to the
dimness The din that greeted my ears was worse by far than the dark that
assaulted my eyes. I hadn't been to an arcade in months and I was looking
forward to blasting some aliens.

The company I worked for assigned me to a major merger and takeover. I was
stuck in my office for the better part of the winter and all of the
spring. Up at five and home after ten in the evening.

Well, the takeover was successful and the merger went off without a
hitch. yay. I worked my ass off and sacrificed my social life so that my
employers could reap huge rewards and make my superiors look all that much
better. I was promised a promotion and transfer to a new city of my choice
if it went off well. I almost got that.

I was transferred all right. To a city my boss knew I hated and would never
choose to go to. But it was far from him and he knew this. Not even a thank
you, 'good job', suggestion of a raise or measly bonus or even three extra
days of vacation.

"Jack, we are sending you to New York."

"Say what? I HATE New York. You know that Dan."

"It's done. Your going. You wanted a transfer so quit whining."

At least they gave me extra time off to pack. Without pay of course. I
decided to take all of my accumulated vacation time in one lump. Four
weeks. I wandered around my old neighborhood and said good-bye to all the
people I knew. I made a lot of acquaintances over the last three years
here. I would miss a lot of them.

My Truck and the rental trailer was packed and I was at the wheel driving
into hell. I lived in New York once. I promised myself I would never go
back. Grow up in hell's kitchen and tell me if you would like to go back.

The road slipped by under me as I drove the three thousand miles back
east. I moved to Los Angeles because it was the farthest I could go away
from New York without leaving the states or going to Alaska or Hawaii. I
hated my job.

Five days on the road and I was parked at the border to New York
state. This was it. I had to choose. I could go do a job I now hated or I
could turn around and start a new life somewhere. I still had two weeks of
vacation and no one would miss me until I was gone far away. I had ten
thousand dollars in my bank account and two thousand shares of stock that
was ballooning in value every minute because of efforts I put into an
ungrateful and miserable company. I had at my disposal approximately
seventy five thousand dollars if I sold all my stock. The condo I had had
not sold yet so I had no money from that yet. If it sold for what I wanted
I would take in another twelve thousand after I paid off the loan.

The day was strange. The road behind me was clear and sunny. A beautiful
day was back there becoming me to enjoy it. The road that led into New York
was dark with rain clouds that reflected my mood. Dark and ominous.

I was still young and healthy. Twenty six and a graduate of a good business
school. I had a masters in management and four years of experience in
acquisitions and mergers. I could go almost anywhere and get a job that
would support me. What the fuck was I doing sitting in my truck even
considering going back to a place that tried to kill me once?

I slammed my foot to the floor and drove my vehicle over the median onto
the highway leading the other direction. I didn't give a fuck where I was
going. I wasn't going there and that was all that mattered. I would eat up
as much of my vacation time AND all my sick days before telling the company
to fuck off. After I secured other income of course.

I had three weeks of vacation and another two weeks of sick days to use
up. I drove to Albany and checked into a nice hotel. I bought several maps
of the surrounding states and sat in my room with the phone in hand.

"Dan, I need to take my sick days."

"What? We need you in the Jersey office right away!"

"Dan, My dad had a heart attack. I need to go tend to his affairs."

"How long?"

"Six weeks at the most Dan. I have a lot to do."

"SIX!? Out of the question."

"Dan, company policy states quite clearly that in the case of family
illness and or emergency an employee can take as much of his or her
vacation time and sick days as they need. I have five weeks between the
two. I am sure I will be in the Jersey office by that time."

He was pissed and ranted and raved at me for a good five minutes. I knew he
had no leg to stand on. I didn't even have to report to him. It was that I
had no one to report to yet. I was in transition and had no superiors to
report to but I had to do this right and I had to tell someone.

"God Damn! We need you there NOW!"

"Get a clue Dan. I need this time and this time policy supports me. I'm
calling company personnel to get this done now. Have a good fucking life."
I slammed the phone down and called personnel. the lady on the other end
was kind, considerate and helpful. I got six full weeks to do with as I
pleased. Five with pay and she was sending an emergency check to me next
day air for the whole amount. And no, my dad was not sick. He died six
years earlier.

I had a fist full of cash and a tank full of gas. My future was wide open
to me and I never felt more free. I wandered around for two whole weeks. I
just woke in the morning and went outside. the first bird I saw I
watched. When the bird flew off I went that direction. I had updated my
resume and sent it to several companies. I wasn't really interested in
working at the moment so I just took my own sweet time about it.

Thus it was that I found myself in Washington DC A real pit. most of the
town at least. Some of it was quite nice. Here I decided to waste a day at
the movies and playing video games.

My eyes grew accustomed to the dimness of the arcade and I wandered in. I
got five dollars in tokens and stuffed them in my pocket. My movie started
in an hour and I was going to enjoy myself. When I was a teenager and in
collage I hung out in arcades to watch the boys. Now I was just playing a
game. I hadn't thought about boys in a couple years. Well, not much
anyway. The job kept me busy and I let it crowd out my attraction to the
lads. It kept me out of trouble.

I played a few old favorites and tried a couple new ones. I had to admit
the quality of the games certainly improved over the days of "space
invaders". I did take a look around the arcade and noticed several cute
boys there. What struck me was the total lack of girls there. Usually you
could find girls where the boys were. Another thing that caught my eye was
the way they were dressed.

All of the boys were young looking. I put the oldest at perhaps twelve. The
youngest at around eight. All wore shorts that were a size too small so
they hugged little hips a bit close. Three of the boys were shirtless and
four had on tank tops. They all were near the counter looking my direction
as I played a racing game. I kinda got a feeling I was being hunted.

The one that caught my eye was a cute little tow headed boy of perhaps
ten. He wore a white tank top that showed most of his chest and his shorts
were so tight I could tell he had no unders on. He wandered to the bathroom
and I tried to be less than obvious about watching to see him when he came

As he approached the counter the arcade owner motioned him over and talked
to the lad a bit. I checked my watch and saw it was ten minutes to show
time. I was feeling a bit odd so I decided to go to my show.

As I got up from the game the boy came over and asked, "Mister, you got a

"Umm I have a couple left. I was going to the show, I guess you could have

"Cool, whatcha gonna watch?"

"Lost In Space."

"I want to see that one but I don't got no money." He looked a bit sad.

"I would take you but I don't think that your parents would like a total
stranger taking you to a show."

"It's OK! I can ask!" He ran to the counter and yammered at the man for a
moment. "OK, lets go!" He chirped at me when he came running back.

I glanced at the man and he nodded at me so I took it to mean I could take
the tike with me to the show.

I got a second ticket and we went inside. I paid for sodas and popcorn and
a candy for each of us and we took our seats. There were no others in the
auditorium when we got there and we walked tot he center of the room and
found some comfy looking seats. I sat down and put my drink in it's cup
holder and the boy tried to get the seat down but could not. I pushed it
down and he hopped on my hand.

"Your sitting on my hand there kiddo."

"Yea!" He grinned at me.

I could feel his perky little cheeks flex against the back of my hand and
he wiggled his behind in the seat.

"Well are you going to give me my hand back?"

"Nope." he giggled.

I turned my hand over under him and he giggled more. I held the entirety of
his butt in my hand for a moment savoring the feeling.

I felt a familiar stirring in my loins as he continued to wiggle on my
hand. I pinched him playfully and he hopped up and inch add I pulled my
hand free.

"That's what ya get for sitting on my hand." I giggled at him.

We waited till the previews started telling bad joked back and forth. I
decided to get up and pee before the show so I would not have to go during
it. The boy followed me and we entered the restroom together. The large
washroom was vacant. I walked up to a urinal and pulled my half hard penis
out and began to pee. The boy took the stall next to me and pulled his
shorts down over his butt, then he held his little dick in his hand while
he peed, slowly stoking it the entire time. I was amazed and aroused at
this whole display. By the time he was finished peeing I was done and hard
as a rock. He looked at me and smiled.

"I think you should pull your pants up before someone sees you."

"If you want me too. But I KNOW you don't want me to mister." He smiled
slyly at me. I knew he planned this.

As we walked back to the show I said "My name is Jack. What's yours?"

"Seth." He took my hand and we walked back to the show.

We munched on our snacks for about fifteen minutes before he shivered and
asked in such a little boy sort of way. "Jack I'm cold." It was a mite cool
in the theater.

"Want to sit in my lap?" I wanted to wrap my arms around him so bad.

He hopped up and crawled into my lap and snuggled in close and we watched
the show.

He kept wiggling his ass against my renewing erection and he even flexed
his cheeks against it. I had my arms completely around him and inside his
shirt rubbing his small chest gently. I was horny as hell and enjoying the
whole experience.

After about ten minutes he leaned his head back and whispered in my ear, "I
can take care of this," he flexed his ass cheeks and they gripped my boner,
"for you if you want."

"What do you mean?" I stammered.

"I can suck it or jack you off. I know you want it. I am real good at


"Sure. there aint anyone else here."

"If you want to." I was excited and terrified at the same time.

"But I got to charge you for it."


"Yea. If I jack you off it is fifteen bucks, if you want me to suck you
it's twenty five."

I was so hot right then I would have paid anything for him to suck
me. "OK. Twenty five it is." I whispered.

He got down on the floor and faced me. His little hands reached up and
undid my belt and slowly pulled the zipper down. He smiled at me as he
reached inside my boxers and pulled my erection free. He started at it in
the flickering light and licked his lips.

I sucked in my breath as he slid it into his throat. He was so hot and his
tongue so wiggly I nearly shot right then but he managed to keep me
hovering on the brink of explosion for a solid twenty minutes. I kept
expecting someone to walk in or the police to come arrest me and cart my
happy ass off to jail.

I settled back and let him do all the work. After all I was paying him
wasn't I? He took his sweet time as he stroked me gently and firmly to
orgasm with his mouth and hands. He didn't even blink as I exploded into
his mouth with days of pent up semen. He didn't spill a drop as he sucked
all of me in and licked me clean. I closed my eyes as I floated back to
earth. he tucked my softening penis back in my pants and tidied up my
clothes as I wondered what it would be like to get sucked by the cutie on
the screen in front of me.

As Seth climbed back into my lap I thanked him and told him I would get his
money when the show ended.

We cuddled for a few minutes and I asked, "Do you want me to do you now?"

"Well usually I charge for that too."

"How much?"

"Five if you jack me off and ten if you suck me."

"Do you want me to do you? You did say 'usually' didn't you?"

"Yea. You got me all hard in the bathroom. If you would do me I can knock
off five from the price of the blow job."

"You want me to suck or use my hand?"

"Your hand. It's cold in here and I don't want to take my shorts all the
way off."

I put my feet up on the seats in front of us and moved Seth's legs to
straddle me. He leaned back against me and I slipped a few fingers under
the waist band of his shorts. He shivered again and I slid my hands further
in. I could feel his heat as I approached his little dickie. He was so
small there and hard as a steel rod. Silky smooth skin greeted my fingers
and he moaned a little as I stroked him up and down a few gentle times. I
was shaking badly by this time. I had never touched a boy like this and he
was so willing and hot it overwhelmed me.

I slowly and gently picked up speed as the movie approached the ending and
he soon was wiggling and stretching in my arms as I brought him off to his
boyish dry orgasm.

He relaxed against me and I cuddled him with my hands in his shorts as the
credits started to roll. I pulled them out and straightened his clothes as
he did mine for me. We held hands as we went to the bathroom to quickly pee
and leave.

Outside we were greeted by the sight of a dozen police cars across the way
at the arcade.

"Oh Fuck!" the boy moaned. "Tony got busted!"

"Are we in trouble?" I asked terrified.

He turned us away and quickly began to walk with his little hand in
mine. "Don't look just keep walking. I hope they didn't see me. If they
didn't we can get away before they check out the theater. Some of us take
our tricks there for a quickie instead of the motel."

We quickly made our way to my car and drove to the hotel I was staying at.

Inside we sat down and stared at each other. Neither of us had a clue. We
turned on the TV and watched the local news.

"And in headlines today Arcade owner Tony Tony was arrested for running a
prostitution ring out of his Arcade. The sad thing was that the man was
using boys as young as three for his prostitutes. Sources say he controlled
the boys using drugs and physical as well as sexual force."

"That's bullshit!" Seth exploded. "He aint never let us even think of using
drugs! He kicked out Anthony for smokin pot! And he never let babies turn
tricks! The youngest is David and he's nine! He aint never hurt none of us
or made us turn tricks!" The boy was incensed.

"Calm down Seth. The press always does this. it generates ratings for
them. Don't let them get you so worked up."

The boy stabbed the off button on the TV and sat heavily next to me. I
watched as his rage melted away and tears streamed down his face. "He took
me in when my folks up and left me. He's all I got. What am I gonna do
now?" He buried his head in a pillow and bawled like the little kid he was.

I cradled him and wondered what was coming for us in the future. I knew I
wasn't going to leave this angel on the street.

I ordered Chinese food for us both and we waited for some revelation to
save us from the uncertainties of our future.

Boy Prostitute
Chapter 2

OK. We all know the drill:

This is pure FICTION. It didn't happen to me nor anyone else that I know
of.  The actions of the people in this story are illegal in many areas and
dangerous.  DON'T TRY THEM AT HOME. Or anywhere else for that matter.

For those who have mailed me about my other stories, I thank you all for
your letters and encouragement. I haven't been able too keep up with my
regular work much less new stories AND responding to your
correspondence. Just because I don't respond does not mean I don't care. I
do. It is just at times a bit more work than I can keep up with.

Flames will be ignored and yes, I do read all my mail. So go ahead and let
me know what you thing and send some suggestions.

I won't do rape, bondage, scat, humiliation, water sports, or bestiality. So
please don't ask for stories by me on those subjects. A boy is to beautiful
and special to me to involve those elements.

A few have inquired about pornographic pictures and such involving
children. Please don't. I do not collect nor have any information about
such matters. This is not to say I don't like to see a boy in his natural
beauty but I just feel pornography that uses kids is not right. Sex should
be private.

many thanks and hopes for liberation. Zzathras.

Seth fell asleep crying into a pillow and I sat at a chair confused and
worried. What was he going to do? Who would take care of him? How would he

Unfortunately I knew the answers already. Seth would go to turning tricks
in the street and having a pimp of some sort taking all his money, probably
getting hooked on drugs and dead in a gutter somewhere in a couple years.

The clock turned to the new day before I crawled into bed and cuddled up to
Seth and drifted off to disturbed sleep.

When I woke up Seth was whimpering into the pillow again and shaking like a


"What?" he mumbled.

"We need to talk about this and figure out what to do."

"What I need to do. Your gonna be gone and I am the one that needs to
figure out what to do."

"I'm not comfortable just leaving you. Maybe we can both think of

"Why do you care so much?" He sounded bitter.

"Because I do. Call it a big heart and a soft head. I want to help. I cant
stand the idea of you turning tricks on the street."

"I wont do the street. To dangerous. I will probably have top go to
Panky. He has a whole stable of hookers. He's the only one I know of sides
Tony." Seth turned too look at me. "He aint none to nice though. I hear he
beat one of his girls near to death for not making her quota."



"Your not going there. We can think of something else. CPS maybe can help."

"Fuck them! They stuck me in a foster home once. The faggot in there just
wanted me to fuck. He already had a girl and two boys making movies for
him. CPS didn't believe me and took me back when I ran off. The next time I
got to the highway and hitched to DC" he giggled a little "the sign said
'Grass, Gas or Ass. No one gets a free ride'. He didn't think I would take
him up on it."

I let that drop right there. "I can stick around till we think of something

"Yea. Then what?"

"I don't know, I don't know." I was getting depressed. "I'm going to take a
shower guy. Once we get some food in us we need to get you some clothes and
do some serious thinking." I crawled out of bed and walked to the big
bathroom. I liked this hotel chain because they had nice accommodations.

Neglecting to lock the door, I stripped and climbed into the shower. What
the hell was I going to do with a ten year old hooker?

I washed and shampooed without a revelation of any sort. Frustration began
to set in and I climbed out of the shower and put on my robe. Seth was
sitting on the edge of the bed in his half top and skin tight shorts. He
looked absurd at the moment.

"You need a shower seth?"

"yea. did you leave me any hot water?"

"Plenty! Take your time and we can get some breakfast."

Without hesitating Seth stood up and pulled his shirt off and dropped it on
the bed. Then he skinned his shorts off and dropped them with his shirt. I
stood staring at him like a goof. He was gorgeous. Thin and healthy with a
light tan that only accentuated his beauty. His boyhood hung straight down
and was no longer than an inch and a half. He had one of those penises that
was uncut but the head still poked out a bit. I could feel myself
responding to his body almost immediately.

"What, you never seen a boy naked before?" He asked with a smile on his
angelic face.

"Not a live boy in many years Seth."

"Well here's your chance! If you want I can be naked all the time for
you. That is if you want to pay me. I need the money."

"Seth, if I could afford to I would do just that." I stared in wonder and
drank in his lithe beauty as he sidled up to me and ground his small body
into my terrycloth covered body. I was hard as a bone and he knew this.

"Well maybe I can do something that you can afford."


"Well I already sucked you. A handjob is cheaper but not as much fun as far
as I am concerned. If you fuck me between the legs it's twenty five. Up my
hole is a hundred and fifty. No negotiation and you have to wear a
rubber. If you got a camera you can take my picture. That's fifty and
hour. Movies are Seventy five an hour if I'm alone."



"Umm. I want to. But I'm scarred." I was as honest as I could be. "I want
to, that's about as obvious as can be. But I'm not so sure about it."


I sat on the bed and took his small hands in mine. "I REALLY want to. You
know that. But it's all so new to me. When I dream of sex with a boy I
dream of giving the pleasure. Like when we were in the theater. I really
enjoyed that much more than when you sucked me."

"Not from the expression on your face!" He snickered.

"Well at least as much."

"Jack, I need the money. I want to do it with you not just for the money,
but I have to have it so I can eat."

"While your with me I will provide for you. I wont ask for sex or anything
like it. If you want we can get another room and sleep in separate beds

"And when you leave? What will I eat then Jack? If you wont pay me then I
gotta go to someone that will."

"You know people that will?"

"Yea. They aint so nice and some of them stiff me for the money, but I
gotta work to eat. I don't want no mommy or daddy to take care of me. Mine
dumped me and I don't want to be left like that again. I want to make my
own money so I don't get dumped like that again."


"Look! Do me or let me go." He was adamant.

"I wont 'do you'. But I wont just open the door and watch you go
either. What would you charge me to be my companion? You just be with me
like my own son and let me provide for you till I find a solution to this

"Any sex?"

"I don't know. Maybe some, Maybe none."

"Lemme think about it. I never figured out a long term contract before."

I stared in amazement at this lad talking about prices and contracts about
his body in such a matter of fact sort of way. He walked into the bathroom
and climbed into the shower without closing the door.

I got dressed and packed my suitcases. I was insane for considering this
and almost decided to withdraw my offer and drag him screaming to the CPS

"Two fifty a week with sex five times a week. Not up my hole or you pay
regular rates for that and nothing freaky. I decide what is and aint
freaky. You get me some clothes and stuff."

"Kinda steep."

"If you want me that's the price. I don't want you thinking I'm yours or

"One fifty in cash and the rest due at the end of the contract. That way
when we do part you get a lump to live on. Partial weeks are paid as a full
week for more than three days, otherwise half."

"Done." He stood before me straight as an arrow and shook my hand. He
dripped water on my shoes as he held a towel in his hand. "Don't forget the
twenty for the blow job." He was all business.

I knelt in front of him and took the towel. "Yup. Now lets get you
dry. With those shorts, if you get wet they would be completely see

"That's the idea. Lets the johns know what they are getting." He was blunt.

"Well I can see quite well what it is I'm getting Seth. Let's eat and we
can figure out what to do." He let me rub him dry as he stood before me
smiling like a cherub.

When he dressed again I saw that he was going to draw a lot of attention
when we went out in public. Attention I didn't want. "Here, put one of my
T-shirts on over that. I don't want some pervert to be looking at your
butt." I joked.

"Yea. You want to look at it all yourself." He joked back as he slipped
into my shirt.

We went to breakfast and shopping that morning. I almost felt lie a real
father. I got to choose and decide while suggesting and guiding Seth in his
wardrobe choices. He was a bit extreme in his selections. He was still
trying to dress like a hooker. I wanted him too look and be a normal boy
while he was with me. He ran up quite a little bill since he had nothing to
wear that I would be caught in public with him in. Underwear, socks, pants,
shorts, T-shirts, slacks, shoes. It is amazing how fast five hundred
dollars can add up.

"Five hundred?" Seth gaped at the bill.

"Yea. Ouch."

"I didn't think it would be THAT much! I figured a hundred, maybe two

"Don't worry about it Seth. Your worth it." I really could not afford to
spent money this fast on the boy. He was worse than a drug. Instantly
addictive and cash draining. And he was devastatingly cute too boot.

We didn't even bother with pajamas or a swimsuit. I reached my limit and
then some with just what we got. I would have to sit down and calculate my
options and my expenses carefully before we went to much further in this

All that morning we talked about me and my life. He avoided going into
details about his own life and I didn't press too much. If he wanted to he
would talk. If not then I would leave it.

Basically we wasted the day window shopping and picking up a FEW small
things for the lad. We went to a show and then drove to another hotel
across town. The receptionist didn't even blink at me and the handsomely
dressed boy with me as I checked us in as father and son.

The room was a bit larger and had a single king sized bed. I had asked for
a double, but they were booked solid and seth decided it with a quick
"That's OK dad I can sleep with you!" At just the right moment. I liked the
sound of 'Dad' coming from him.

We lay in the bed watching TV and tossing ideas back and forth as to what
to do. Nothing worked.

I sat up straight in bed and whimpered loudly.

"What!?" Seth asked.

I pointed to the business news on the TV

"And in a stunning announcement today, Darken incorporated has made an
unprecedented bid to buy rival company Hawthorne investments. Hawthorne
stocks opened today at thirty two dollars and fifty cents, closed at more
than three times that at one hundred thirteen dollars and seventy five

"WHAT!?" Seth demanded.

"I own stock in that company." I whimpered.

"Which one?"

"Hawthorne. one hundred and thirteen dollars a share." Fucking wow.

"How many shares?" He was interested.

"Two thousand."

"Over two hundred fifty thousand dollars? Fuuuuuuccccckkkkk. Your rich."

"Not quite. But closer than I was a few minutes ago." I laid back
heavily. "I gotta call my broker." I snatched the phone off the table and
dialed the number.

Come morning I would have enough money to keep me and my boy in twinkies
for a long time. I knew a few investments that would pay nice, secure
dividends that would almost equal my annual income at my current, soon to
be former, employer. I also made a few discreet calls to a few close
friends and grew concerned.

It seemed that Darken Inc. was strapped for cash and was struggling to come
up with the money to make their takeover bid happen. If they failed the
stock would plummet again. IF things went horribly bad they would wind up
on the block and Hawthorne would walk in and gobble them up like they did
to any company that was silly enough to draw their attention.

If my broker sold off my stock like I wanted I would be secure. If I played
my cards right I could double my money. Darken was going for twenty five a
share at the moment and if the deal slipped their stock would drop. If
Hawthorne swung a counter offensive Darken would then skyrocket with a
takeover bit coming from Hawthorne.

"Sell the Hawthorne and use half to buy Darken." Seth was thinking just
what I was at the moment. "If the whole thing goes bust you will still have
a bundle."

"I like the way you think Seth. I know for a fact that if Hawthorne even
smells a weakness in Darken's position they will counter attack."

"How do you know?"

"Because I worked for them. I know what they like to do and if you piss
them off they will take you over just to destroy the company. Darken is
going to have to play their cards VERY well or Hawthorne will tear them
apart at the seams."

"Isn't this insider trading?" Seth questioned me.

"Nope. I gave the sell order before I found this out. The next step might
be considered that. I do have information that others generally don't. But
anyone that looks at Hawthornes track record will know what they will do in
this situation. It has happened before. Just keep quiet and we can make
some real money kiddo." We smiled and giggled like school children.

The next day proved interesting. We both stuck to the TV and waited for the
word. I called my broker and gave a buy order for Darken at market open and
placed a one hundred dollar sell on the Darken stock. It would be sold if
it hit a hundred. If not I would have to make another call.

We generally wasted the day in the hotel room waiting for a situation that
never happened. Neither company moved. Hawthorne stock climbed another
fifteen points and leveled out. by the time the bell rang I had taught Seth
most of the basics about the stock market and he picked up quickly. What I
did realize was that he had a talent for numbers and particularly money.

After we got back from dinner Seth started to undress as he walked to the
bathroom. At the door he was down to his BVDs and he turned to me "I'm
gonna take a bath. Wanna help?"

I looked at his little hips clad in the snug fitting white cotton briefs
and melted. The prior night I was so worked up about the stock I hadn't
thought about him in that way at all and he fell asleep next to me fully
clothed. Now I was definitely interested.

"You bet I am tiger!" I growled as I stalked him into the little bathroom.

He reached for the elastic band that helped cover his boy body and I
reached out to stop him. I sat on the toilet and drew him close to me. He
smiled at me like he was the cat that ate the canary.

My hands rested on his hips and I looked him in the eye. I leaned forward
and kissed his button nose and slid my hands over his tight little
bottom. I gently squeezed his cheeks and hugged him to me. We touched lips
and kissed softly and slowly. He was a much better kisser than I was, after
all he had a lot more experience kissing men than I did kissing boys.

I slipped my fingers into the elastic holding his underpants up and slowly
worked them down over his tinny hips and to his knees. I slid my hands up
again and savored the silky firmness of his little handful sized buns as
our tongues danced and played.  I worked my hands back down and slipped his
briefs off and tossed them back into the outer room leaving him completely
naked for me to enjoy.

As I stroked and petted his tinny body, Seth unbuttoned my shirt and helped
me take it off. He tossed it after his underwear and then worked on my
pants. He unbuckled my belt and we kissed and he allowed my hands to roam
his chest and bottom to my hearts content as he unzipped my pants. Soon my
trousers and boxers joined the other garments and I stood as naked as he
did and we inspected each others bodies. He was a work of art and I was
stone cold horny for his little body.

"We should get wet if we are gonna take a bath Jake." He whispered.

I set the water to running and we climbed in together and waited for the
warm water to cover us. Seth didn't mention the erection the he leaned his
little body back to as I hugged him close to me.

"Should I wash you?" Seth asked as we snuggled in the warm water.

"No. I want to wash you first." I picked up the soap and began to lather
him up. I neglected the washcloth and found a new eroticism in rubbing my
hands over his slippery bare skin. I gently massaged him all over and he
let me do all the work as he relaxed into my arms. as my hands stroked the
inside of his thighs, he moaned and took my hands in his. He guided mine to
his crotch and I could feel his boyness as hard as could be and throbbing
in desire. I stroked him and let him twist and wiggle in my arms a bit
before I stopped.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Lets take this to the bed where we can have some room Seth." I stood up
and stepped out of the bath. He waited until I had finished drying before
he joined me and let me dry him off once again. Picking him up I carried
him to the bed and laid him down gently. He was so beautiful laying there
and proud in his beauty.

I laid next to him and took him in my hand again and stroked him softly. He
giggled and said "That tickles. Put some muscle into it Jack!"

I tightened my grip and continued a slow rhythm that drove him nuts after
about ten minutes. He was moaning and wiggling trying to get me to bring
him off faster. I refused to let his release happen to quickly. I wanted to
please him as much as I could and I was driving him bonkers with my

He grabbed my hand and began to thrust his little hips into it in a
desperate bit to reach orgasm. I took his hands away and sped up my pumping
to reward him for his beauty. He smiled at me as his little penis throbbed
toward climax and I thrilled in watching him glow and twist as he reached
the goal he was demanding.

"Oh wow! No one ever did that for me. Most just jerk me for a couple
minutes and stop. they leave me horny as hell and jerking myself."

"Like I said Seth, I want to pleasure you. It makes me feel good to know
you feel good."

"Well I think I should return the favor then Jack." He pushed me down to
the bed and growled at me like a kitten. I smiled and let him do to me as
he wished.

He sat on my legs and lowered his brown haired head to my crotch. I could
feel his hot breath as he licked the tip a couple times and rolled my nuts
in his hands. I moaned as he gripped my shaft in his hot hands and slowly
rubbed it up and down a few times. I could not believe this. He was so
angelic and beautiful sitting over me willing to grant me the ultimate
pleasure. I almost forgot I was paying him for this.

He made gobbling sounds as he swallowed my shaft and bit gently on me to
let me know just how much he had in his mouth. Almost all of my 7" thin
pecker was inside his mouth. He then began to masturbate me with his mouth
and tongue. I watched his head bob up and down and felt his hands massage
my balls.

HE worked me over for a long time bringing me near orgasm at least three
times and relishing the power he had over me. He played me like a harp and
I loved the song he was composing with my body. His hands left my balls and
roamed up to my chest. He sought out my nipples and gently pinched them to
attention as he played with them and introduced me to new waves of
pleasure. I had never touched my self like that and had never considered my
own nipples to be a pleasure center.

Soon I tensed up feeling my climax rushing upon me and he knew
this. Increasing the tempo and pressure on my penis, Seth drove me toward
the most erotic experience I had to date. As I began to spurt into his
mouth I lost control and thrust my hips into his face. he took it like the
professional he was and let me thrust as he gulped and swallowed my cum as
fast as I shot it into his mouth.

When was spent and collapsed back to the bed he conned to suck and lick the
last remaining drops of semen from me. When he finished he crawled back
into my arms and I hugged him close to me.

"That was so amazing Seth." I panted.

"I thought you would like it. I got lots more stuff we can do if you want."

"Not right now love. Let's just cuddle and watch some TV We don't have to
be having sex all the time you know."

"If your as good at sucking as you are at handjobs I think I would want to
be having sex with you all the time." He grinned widely at me and we lay
naked and happy in each others arms as I scanned the channel for something
to watch.

Эротика или порнография?

Эротика или порнография?

– Антологический образ порнографии
– Методология Художественной Эротики
– Законодательные аспекты
– Научная дифференциальная классификация

Что такое порнография?

          Антологический образ порнографии схож практически во всем мире - это изображение - фото, видео или действие, в котором натуралистически грубо, наглядно изображается половой акт с непосредственным акцентом на физиологическом аспекте половых отношений и механике секса.
Любой контент, или материалы следует рассматривать, как порнографию, если они натуралистично отражают следующий ряд действий:
- сексуальное насилие (т.е. сексуальные действия, квалифицируемые как насильственные, изнасилование, садизм);
- групповой секс;
- садомазохизм;
- мазохизм;
- половые сношения человека с особями других биологических видов (зоофилия),
- сексуальные действия с трупами (некрофилия),
- сексуальные действия и манипуляции с экскрементами (копрофагия).
- сексуальные действия с несовершеннолетними;

Что такое Эротика?

Эротика, по словам Ильи Шевелёва — это эстетика секса.

          Эротика (Ню-арт) – это целый арсенал инструментов для передачи сексуальных эмоций, художественными средствами. Художественная эротика - всего лишь расставляет акценты, подчёркивает эстетическую уникальность человеческого тела, не преследуя задачи вызвать сексуальное желание и половое возбуждение.
Эротические материалы опосредованно отображают сексуальные отношения и действия в художественной форме и призваны воздействовать на эмоциональную сферу человека, вызывая у него эстетические чувства и переживания.

В отличии от порнографии, которая сводит человеческую сексуальность непосредственно к половому акту и ротации техник его проведения, эротика акцентирует внимание на художественном изображении типологического образа изображаемого объекта. 


           Вряд ли, на данный момент, попытки законодательной власти четко регламентировать сексуальную сферу жизни человека, можно назвать успешными.

Не надо быть семи пядей во лбу, чтобы понять алгоритм предлагаемого закона.

 В статье устанавливается ответственность за нарушение регламентированных правил. Однако, четкости формулирования этих правил нет, более того на лицо прямые отсылки к другим статьям того же закона. В такой ситуации судам практически невозможно определить, что именно является нарушением закона.

Проще говоря, все сводится к оценочным суждениям, которые всегда будут носить исключительно индивидуальный характер.

Несостоятельность законодательной власти в этом вопросе вынудила всех, кто "имеет дело" с порнографическим контентом от государственных чиновников, юристов, бизнесменов, включая ученых, изучающих порнографию, прибегать к некой «многоступенчатой» классификации произведений сексуальной тематики.
Теперь различают erotica - эротика, soft porn - мягкая порнография, hardcore porn - жесткая порнография. К примеру, в большинстве стран запада, под запретом «жесткая порнография», а «мягкое порно» и «эротика» допускаются, более того, считаются социально приемлемыми и публично демонстрируются в рекламе.

В России, где на деле господствуют пуританизм и патриархальный уклад, ещё более несостоятельной кажется попытка законодательства и администрации идентифицировать порнографию по средствам понятий, которые заложены в традиционные концепции: непристойность, циничность и разврат. Каждому ясно, что в многонациональном государстве это невозможно.

Научная дифференциальная классификация

Провести грань между понятиями порнографии и эротики можно исключительно опираясь на научное исследование объектов порнографического содержания. Сотрудники центра судебной экспертизы разработали методику дифференциации контента, используя критерии воплощения и замысла (содержания).
Отличия эротики от порнографии по замыслу (содержанию):
а) эротический материал предполагает наличие и развитие сюжетной линии, раскрывающей всю глубину и сложность чувств, когда сексуальные сцены - органическое продолжение эмоциональных переживаний героев;
– порнографический замысел одномерен и служит лишь проводником трансляции одной идеи – показа  полового акта;

б) эротика обладает художественной ценностью, она изучает мир человеческой чувственности и открывает новые грани восприятия;
– порнография строго функциональна и вызывает суррогатное сексуальное возбуждение;

в) эротика осуществляет «сталкинг» бытия, исследует еще не понятые и не принятые сознанием масс области, отчасти нарушающие устоявшиеся нормы благопристойности;
– порнография манипулирует стандартными клише и спекулирует на дефиците внимания к новизне, от этого приоритетная демонстрация эксцентричных форм полового поведения;

г) эротика – это самореализация и самовыражение творца, художника;
– порнография это отрасль коммерции, производство, которое направлено на получение прибылей;

д) эротика, как и восприятие человека всегда индивидуальна;
– порнография имеет дело со схемой, ее предметом является не личность, а механика секса;
Отличия эротики от порнографии по воплощению (приемам и средствам):
1) средства воплощения и приемы эротики расширяют сознание. Приемы и средства порнографии демонстрируют физиологический акт;
2) детализация в эротических произведениях – это инструмент для отражения развития человеческих отношений, динамики и их трансформации в интимные личные отношения, демонстрации чувств человека и красоты его тела. Действующие лица наделены определенным характером, их действия сопряжены с эмоциональным и психологическим переживанием. Демонстрация сексуальных отношений фрагментарна соответственно художественному замыслу;
– в порнографических текстах господствует натуралистическая форма описания физиологии совокупления, происходит ротация подробного описания сцен половых актов и всевозможных форм сексуальных отклонений;

Критерии, дифференцирующие понятия эротики и порнография, не однозначны и субъективны.

Сегодня студии видеозаписи, газеты и журналы с целью получения прибыли и повышения тиража используют все возможные варианты, позволяющие им балансировать на грани, отделяющей порнографию от эротики. В этих случаях появляется контент категории «крутая эротика», который ничем не отличающиеся от порнографии.

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